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Mommy-Brain [whose with me?]

Okay, Okay — so, I felt pretty normal after having Juliette. I mean, not “completely” normal — as with every child I feel like I lose a little bit of my sanity…but, for the most part… however, this concept of “Mommy-Brain” seemed a little off… until, I realized that I have been driving anywhere from 10-15 miles UNDER the speed limit.

& today, I kid you not, I just stood by my cart of groceries, I guess expecting them to jump up onto the conveyor belt & ring themselves up — it would have been a pleasant surprise if they also paid for themselves.

I mean, seriously, I walk around daily thinking to myself, “I know that I came here for something…” and, then, about 45 minutes later I remember what it was.

and, then, often times I literally switch subjects in the middle of talking & then an hour later remember that I was in the middle of a conversation that never finished. (I’m so sorry, friends, I swear, I really do know how to listen…) but, I just can’t!

It’s amazing.

So, the reason for this post is just to confirm (with your help of course) that Mommy-Brain is actually real & I’m not losing my mind… right? Right?



So, I must admit that I talk to myself — I mean, it’s usually under my breath or speaking to myself in my husbands “voice” when he takes too long to respond to my rambling thoughts. Typically it looks something like this:

Me: “I was thinking about reorganizing our bedroom…again…”

Me (in his voice): “What’s that honey, that’s such a great idea…”

(now that I think of it, my house is very much like Frozen…picture Kristoff & Sven…hah.)

& this is how I survive being a Stay At Home Mom with minimal human interactions during the evening hours.

Having said that, I’m going to try to be a little less crazy & just write down my random developments in the SAHM Land here, for you.

Yesterday, I was brave (I say “was” because I don’t think that I’ll ever leave the house with 3 children alone again, ever, as I’m still recovering and luckily, my head is not buried under my pillow in tears…). Okay, it wasn’t that bad. I mean, it was but it wasn’t. Everyone is still alive.

But, as I was sorting through my thought process yesterday I had this thought come to mind: you have 1 little one & you think “wow, I’ve got this, everything is organized, I only have to keep one child fed and (mostly) happy… I could do this all day” and then, you introduce the next one & somehow it turns into, “wow, I just cleaned this living room & is it my imagination or do they just walk around throwing things on the floor while staring at me with smiles on their faces…” It’s like, you’re in control until you’re that person from the Meme who is hoarding candy bars in the bathroom to avoid sharing with the ravenous 18 month old who just ate (I swear) a 5 course meal and is STILL scavenging for food.  [Okay, I’m not there yet…but, I am eating a chocolate chip cookie for breakfast, with my caffeine (…I mean, tea…).

Well, yes. So, welcome to my world of 5.

{DIY February} Day 13

day 13.

I decided that I wanted to do something extra special for Lilly this Valentines day — we’re going to share a journal! — So, I wrote her first little letter to her & left it on her bed.

& Dustin and I used my {DIY February} idea from earlier and added some pictures to Lilly’s room!

IMG_7572.jpg picmonkey_image