Mommy-Brain [whose with me?]

Okay, Okay — so, I felt pretty normal after having Juliette. I mean, not “completely” normal — as with every child I feel like I lose a little bit of my sanity…but, for the most part… however, this concept of “Mommy-Brain” seemed a little off… until, I realized that I have been driving anywhere from 10-15 miles UNDER the speed limit.

& today, I kid you not, I just stood by my cart of groceries, I guess expecting them to jump up onto the conveyor belt & ring themselves up — it would have been a pleasant surprise if they also paid for themselves.

I mean, seriously, I walk around daily thinking to myself, “I know that I came here for something…” and, then, about 45 minutes later I remember what it was.

and, then, often times I literally switch subjects in the middle of talking & then an hour later remember that I was in the middle of a conversation that never finished. (I’m so sorry, friends, I swear, I really do know how to listen…) but, I just can’t!

It’s amazing.

So, the reason for this post is just to confirm (with your help of course) that Mommy-Brain is actually real & I’m not losing my mind… right? Right?


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