{DIY February} Day 7

[Day seven.]

wow! I’m so excited that I’ve actually maintained this project for 7 days.

Here’s the permanent location of my project from yesterday:



Create your own Crafting Space.

[So, I looked around & I just felt like this space was being wasted & there was too much of one color & it was all completely unorganized.]



1. So, I decided to browse Pinterst board for creative ways to utilize small spaces with craft supplies.

2. I used bird cages from our wedding that were serving no purpose to store my yarn, thread, stamps, I used IKEA S Hooks to store ribbon & Mason Jars to store markers & crayons.IMG_0570 IMG_0569IMG_0579 IMG_0578





And, while I was at it: we applied a chalkboard wall decal for Juliette.



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