I’m a Capricorn; so what?

07. Your zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality.

So, I’m not really interested in writing about how I’m a Capricorn & why a lot of the things I do and the ways that I act are “so Capricorn”. 

I am interested in sharing why I don’t support or agree with horoscopes or surrounding yourself with those things; they misguide people & they are completely unworthy of our thoughts and energy. I spent quite a chunk of my early twenties reading & conspiring over how fitting a specific horoscope was or how far off it was. If I was having a good day it was probably because my horoscope predicted such events in my near future. And, if my horoscope predicted love; every single man that came up to me was probably “the one”. 

The truth is, they’re silly. If they seem fitting it’s either because of wishful thinking or mere coincidence. And, to take it a step further, I’d say that only God truly knows what tomorrow brings – so, I’d keep that little fact in your back pocket the next time you read that your day isn’t going to be so hot. Christ said that He gives life & He gives it abundantly.

So, fill your mind with some truth & break the tight grip that you have on the false promises of this world. Trust God, only He knows the future anyway, I guarantee it. 


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