Thirty Interesting Facts?!?

06. Write thirty interesting facts about yourself.

so much pressure! 

1. I’m both the youngest (older brother on my moms side) and the oldest (two younger sisters and a younger brother on my dads side) making me also a middle child. 

2. My all time favorite singer is Reba.

3. I went to 5 Elementary Schools, 1 Middle School & 2 High Schools. (I only remember the names of 2/5 Elementary Schools)

4. I graduated High School weighing just 100lbs.

5. I met my dad for the first time when I was 7 years old. 

6. My favorite shows when I was little were Days of Our Lives & Oprah…explains so much 😉 

7. My favorite Disney Princess is Belle because A. she likes to read and B. she’s a brunette. 

8. I love cats because my great grandmother, Cassie, loved cats & I grew up helping her with her Cat, Rosie. We also helped other random animals such as fallen birds & a squirrel that fell down from the electrical wire. My grandmother also had 3 pet raccoon during that time…

9. I grew up with a Husky (dog), Crystal – we shared the same birthday & she lived until we were 19.

10. I once went on a date with an Oncologist who lived in Virginia – who sent me a text after the date telling me that I would make a great wife for him (before I even made it to my car). It would have been flattering except that we had zero common interest & hardly spoke the same language. 

11. One of my favorite things to do is talk in a southern accent, drive around random towns in Oklahoma looking for my “grandpa” 😉 Where my sister & I typically end up in some small town graveyard taking pictures. 

12. I met my first boss while I was a take out server @ Outback Steakhouse – we started chatting and I told her that I was in search of an office job – she received my resume & I was offered a job within a week.

13. I started the above mentioned job as a girl who answered the phones & eventually moved up not only 25k (doubling my salary) a year but I eventually worked on the 34th floor & traveled frequently by the time I reached age 23.

14. I was a single mom for 4.5 years & I’d say they were some of the best years for my daughter & I. We have a relationship unlike any I’ve ever witnessed. Very Gilmore Girls. 

15. I have a girl crush on said Gilmore Girls. 

16. My favorite month used to be October but has now become November; 2 babies & turkey…what more could a girl ask for in a month? 

17. I categorize things into 2 categories…”Mandy” or “Not”…my favorite line is “that is so Mandy” and typically, those who know me are correct in their predictions. 

18. I quit my job making really great money in order to become a waitress so that I could work 3 12 hours days in order to spend the other 4 days with my daughter, never having to send her to daycare until she reached Kindergarten. 

19. Some of my favorite things are… red wine, hot tea, a good book, a bubble bath, smelly lotion, perfume, flavored coffee…

20. I pretend that I don’t like puppies – I do… until they chew on my shoes…

21. My favorite outfit is an oversize sweater & skinny jeans.

22. I secretly (or not so secretly) think that I’m hilarious. But, only around people that I’m comfortable with. So, to the rest of the world I am just quiet. 

23. I can’t play an instrument to save my life. I’ve tried; I have no rhythm. 

24. I believe that putting a flower in your hair and adding a touch of lip-gloss immediately makes you more attractive; regardless of whether or not said hair has been brushed.

25. I’ve been to 24 states; my goal before I die is to take a road trip to all of them, eventually. 

26. I love sushi. 

27. I once drove over an hour to get a coffee from Dunkin Donuts while I was living in Oklahoma.

28. Put me in a room full of women & I’m one of the most insecure people but you’d never be able to tell (sshh.. ;))

29. I hope to one day encourage & influence women in the same way that Beth Moore has encouraged & influenced me. 

30. It has taken me 5 x’s as long to write this blog post than every single other one…. combined.


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