Just Say No

03. Your views on drugs and alcohol.

I type…delete…type. It’s one of those topics. The kind that I have an abundant amount to say but I lack the correct wording to clearly state an opinion without too much emotion. My opinion in short is: say no to drugs & don’t get drunk. But, I’ll elaborate a little bit on both in order to make the blog post worth reading.

I’ll begin by saying that I’ve never done drugs but I’ve been in the same room while they were being done & I’ve had my share of too much to drink so I’m not speaking out of lack of poor decisions on my part when I speak on the topic.

The problem with drugs is this: they more often than not, in my experiences, are stronger than their user. That’s why they are dangerous. In the same way that a person could at anytime lose control of their motor vehicle and be overtaken, that is what drugs do. They are immensely stronger than their user but their user begins walking down that path believing that they have complete control… & then, they hit the black ice & crash, quickly realizing that any control they thought they may have once vanishes as if a vapor. An illusion. That is what drugs give; they give a person the illusion that they are in control. They are in fact, never in control.

I’ve watched someone stare directly into my face & explain to me that they are stronger than the drugs – that they “got this” – while stealing my things & lying to my face. 

So, the truth is that – no, you don’t “got this” – it’s got you. And, the drugs will always win when they are in the game. 

And, well, I guess I’ll also share my opinion on alcohol. I love a glass of wine or a beer with pizza (which reminds me, I need a date night with my hubby soon!) but I do not love a drunk person. I don’t appreciate being put into uncomfortable situations because someone has decided that they feel the need to drink a little bit too much. I’ve been that person too & my word, I wish that someone would have slapped me. 

I could go into detail about how I saw more alcohol growing up than most people should probably ever see – but there’s no need – just like drugs, if you don’t have control of the alcohol, it has control of you – one or the other is ALWAYS in control. And, if you’re drunk texting, commenting inappropriately or forgetting your time spent, I’d say – the alcohol has control of you. 

So yeah, let’s keep it classy & respect ourselves and those around us. K?




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