Marriage & such.

So, on March 18th 2012 I got married — what a great decision.

No, but really, I never thought that I could or would adore being a wife and mom — if you know me, I’m not really a ‘people person’ per say… I like my space. I love to curl up with a good book, hot tea & spend my time quietly pursuing life as if I am the only person on the planet… we all have those days (or weeks, months, entire existences), right? But lo and behold, here I am, writing this just after I’ve quickly finished eating my lunch, knowing that Juliette will only stay asleep for a little while longer. So, writing is a now or never task that I must do quickly.

But, yes, onto the topic at hand — marriage. I love being married. I’m sure that everyone who is married would feel silly saying that they in fact, did not like being married – but, lucky for both myself & you, my readers – I do in fact love being married.

The gift that I feel God has most strongly blessed me with is being a servant; I’m not super affectionate (see paragraph 2) and I’m not entirely talkative and or emotional…but, I do love serving my family. I love keeping the house clean, cooking dinner, spending time together (with hot cocoa!) – I love a clean kid & a freshly made bed. I mean, you can basically just call me a less friendly, less superficial, Martha Stewart (thanks to Pinterest).

But, I’d say that my favorite part of being married so far is the fact that my husband and I spend time together working towards a solid marriage; we’ve been married for less than a year but I feel like we really strive to make our relationship a priority – our number 1 priority (apart from our relationships with Christ) and that is SO encouraging when you have little ones that will learn what being married is about, by watching your own.

My husband is affectionate; he kisses me & Lilly gets grossed out, it’s absolutely adorable. We make time for one another (even though life is busy!). We make time to spend independently & together with Lilly.

It’s truly a journey that our entire family has embarked on – it’s not just the 2 of us figuring things out. Our marriage is our families priority; and our family is the number one priority within our marriage.

Another, and probably the most important thing that I could ever say on the topic of marriage (having been divorced) is that love is NOT an emotion; it’s not a feeling…if you wake up one day & you don’t have ‘butterflies’…you need to get over yourself because there are going to be days when your spouse doesn’t have ‘butterflies’ either & will still choose to love you. Love is a choice; it’s a life commitment. Make your marriage a priority – choose to love when you don’t feel like loving & even though love may not always come easily or naturally to you. Love is worth it.




One thought on “Marriage & such.”

  1. I’ve read from the top post of your most recent to the bottom of this post, and Mandy, I am so proud of you. Your beauty runs so much deeper than just these words you’ve written, and I love you. I’d really enjoy getting a coffee with you soon if you wouldn’t mind, I’d enjoy seeing your beautiful little girls and catching up as well. I look forward to continuing reading. You are now on my favorites bar and I cant wait to dig deeper. Very encouraging.

    peace&love always, Katie.

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